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What We Do

Mikesell Marketing is certified in Google Ads and we have 4 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. 

The process

Work: Work

1. We meet You. MM wants to know about your business, how you run it and what kind of advertising you have done already to get where you are.

2. Mikesell Marketing begins brainstorming and planning for an advertising campaign. This includes creative and ad management as we push to grow your business. 

3. Throughout the process MM will be focused on watching your statistics as they come through for your ads. We will make certain to make changes where needed to maximize success. 

4. At the end of the campaign we will meet again and go through our numbers. MM will give you a plan for the future as you step forward. Our goal is to help small businesses become self-sustaining. That means, people are coming to you for your business, instead of you reaching out to them. Although, marketing will be important throughout the lifetime of a business, the way you market will change from the beginning, to the end.





Pricing for Mikesell Marketing is set-up on a monthly basis. Campaigns are 6 months in duration. All pricing is firm. A percentage of sales during the campaign can be negotiated in place of the

monthly fees. 




SEO: $1,250/month


Google Ads Management: $850/month


Google Profile Management: $499


Google Profile Set-up: $195


Copy for Ads: $15 per Ad


FULL PACKAGE: $1,950/month




Facebook/Instagram Ads: $499/month


Facebook Page Set-up: $99


Instagram Page Set-up: $89




Full Package: $2,250/month 

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